-Tuesdays, 18:30-19:45

- Fridays, 9:30-11:00

*Beginner & level 1
dansk / english



“I am fascinated about sound, it’s healing effect and the deep meditative states it can bring. I have participated in a gong and healing sound course and usually incorporate music, different instruments and sounds in my teaching.”




Yoga has touched and changed Ieva’s relationship to her body and mind already from the first classes. After four years of practise she decided to quit her job as an office- and event manager and traveled to India to become a yoga teacher. That is determination - and we admire it! Ieva has now been teaching for two years and yoga is still changing her life and helping her grow. Teaching gives her the balance she needs in a varied everyday life - and the opportunity to express herself through movement and close contact with her students.

Ieva focuses on traditional yoga practise and what defines classic Hatha yoga. It is important for her to offer not only physical but also mindful classes with focus on Pranayama (breathing), meditation, philosophy and individual corrections in the asanas (yoga poses). With a gentle and caring approach Ieva also provides you with tools you can incorporate in your own yoga practise and daily life. 

Ieva teaches in english, but she can supply with guidance in danish, if you feel lost in translation. As bonus info she is an experienced vegan chef, so maybe you can get some good kitchen tips from her.  

This class is focusing on finding balance between fluid movements, generating heat in your body and calm breathing, holding poses for longer time and deep stretches. Smooth continuous flow is inspired by different themes such as balance, strength, openness, endurance and more. On Fridays both english and danish speaking Ieva Aleknaite will teach a more playful class where you advance further into the poses, try out new asanas (yoga poses) and go more into technical details. Basic yoga level required.

Having more time to spend in different asanas enables the mind to let go more and help you go deeper into your practice. Both english and danish speaking Ieva Aleknaite guides you to focus on grounding, finding the inner peace and reconnecting with your breath. This is a good class for beginners, but everybody can join as the poses are advanced gradually and you can choose yourself just how far you want to go.

  • 200 RYT Hatha Yoga,
    South India - Kerala
  • Fusion of Iyengar & Ashtanga Vinyasa,

    South India - Kerala

  • Meditation & Pranayama,
    South India - Kerala

  • Scared sound of Gong Training,
    Raimondas Binkauskas