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  • SALIG 20 Masnedøgade København Ø, 2100 Denmark (map)


Ro Acosta and Tina Marie will host a series of restorative yoga and sound healing workshops throughout this year where you will have the opportunity to come in for a treat to rejuvenate, energise and delve deeper into your own healer Self.

They will combine massage, restorative yoga and breathing techniques with sound healing, creating a space auspicious for renovation on all deeper layers of your body, mind and soul.  These sessions are aimed to make your body soft and warm and your mind calm and clear making it easier from this place to release stress or tensions, blockages or traumas that are retained within.

Each date will be focused on certain parts of the body and the corresponding organs and energy flows.

The night will open setting the intention. Then it will follow with soft breathing techniques (Pranayamas) that will help calm and ease the body and mind into the present moment.Then they will offer a series of asanas designed specifically for each session, that will be hold effortlessly for a long period of time, combined with the sound-healing and massage. Afterwards a long Savasana will be hold in stillness.They will close the session with a short meditation in silence and tea offering.


APRIL 12TH 18.00-20.00
The focus will be on the pelvis, hips and sacral areas of the body. The intention will be set for better flow through your energy pathways at the base of your spine and hips and a better process of elimination.


JUNE 28TH 18.00-20.00
We will focus on the chest and solar plexus areas. The intention is aimed for a better circulation of blood and a better distribution and assimilation of nutrients to all the organs in the body.


SEPTEMBER 27TH 18.00-20.00
In this session we will focus on the respiration system with the intention set in regulating the intake of energy (prana) for a better distribution throughout the body.


DECEMBER 13TH 18.00-20.00
The intention will be to achieve an overall harmonious feeling in all the body’s energy centres.

Tina Marie believes Sound-healing is magical in many ways. Besides sounding absolutely beautiful it withholds powerful healing effects on your body and mind. For her “Sound-healing releases both physical and mental blockages and will bring you calm and make you feel happier almost immediately”.

She has been doing sound-healing for a couple of years and she has completed studies both in hatha and Yin yoga education. She loves how it affects people in many surprising positive ways. She’s looking forward to heal you through her amazing singing bowls, crystal bowls, koshi chimes, rainstick, hand-gong and more miraculous instruments at the healing sessions.

Ro Acosta has been deeply touched and inspired by yoga discipline and traditions. She has found a way to know and understand herself by continuously following her practice. She has pursued hatha / Vinyasa and Yin educations and has been teaching for 5 year. Currently she is studying yoga therapy, which is a comprehensive program that brings the most effective aspects of traditional yoga and ayurveda combined with modern medicine. Ro believes everyone has an inner healer which shall be stimulated and awakened, with the capacity to raise up to higher levels of being.

Your use of these sessions indicates your understanding of the following:

The information and resources contained on these workshops are not intended to assess, diagnose, or treat any medical and/or mental health disease or condition. The use of these sessions does not imply nor establish any type of therapist-client relationship. Furthermore, the offerings obtained from it should not be considered a substitute for a thorough medical and/or mental health evaluation by an appropriately credentialed and licensed professional.

Date: September 27th 18.00-20.00

price: 275 kr. per session / 250 kr. if you buy two or more sessions together
* Open to all levels / disclaimer

Teachers: Ro Acosta & Tina Marie Nielsen


Earlier Event: September 25