Experience the deeply therapeutic benefits found within massage and bodywork. We  focus on removing blockages in the muscular tissue, increasing circulation and optimizing the body's energetic flow to promote inner healing and pain relief. On the True Wellness menu you will find a wide range of treatments, all aiming to deeply nourish, rejuvenate and balance your body, mind and soul.


With over 17 years experience in massage therapy, Mia Årsnes, Certified Massage Therapist of California, is bringing True Wellness to Salig.  Her specialized style and training combine aspects of several different modalities which allow her and her team to flow from one technique to the next focusing on each body's unique needs. 

From deep tissue sports massage to aromatherapy and energetic Reiki, she has developed a style which results in a more well-rounded, transformative and therapeutic experience.


Mia continues to travel the world devoted to connecting with spiritual leaders and body workers in diverse communities and collecting techniques to integrate into her treatments so she and her team can offer guests the most physically and spiritually healing experience.


All treatments are combined with Aromatherapy to engage the senses and gently guide you to true wellness. Choose one or combine from the menu to personalize a treatment which best suits your needs. 




This hour long session is not only a treat, it’s an essential component of mind/body/spirit balance. It allows us more time to focus on your problem areas. The back, shoulders and neck are given much needed lovin’ and we are able to deliver a more detailed and customized routine to help work out the kinks and lactic acid build up, which cause soreness and physical as well as emotional stress. This treatment is combined with the finest quality Aromatherapy blend and is the ideal treatment to add to your weekly routine to ensure you maintain balance in your everyday life.

60 mins: 695 kr.


An hour and a half of pure relaxation.

This thorough full body massage ensures that you will leave from Salig in top form. Deep compressions, and a variety of specialized techniques drawn from Eastern and Western massage styles will leave your muscles well tuned and feeling absolutely rejuvenated. Getting you back in touch with your body’s needs, this treatment will maximize your energetic flow and optimize your circulation leaving you feeling completely renewed. You will fall into perfect harmony with yourself and experience an awakening of tired muscles and cells. Like all of our treatments, we will pair the ideal Aromatherapy blend to best suit your needs leaving you in a truly blissful state of being.

90 mins: 995 kr.



Herbal foot bath, warm detoxifying clay, hot stones, aromatherapy, yummy warm compresses... this treatment has it all.

From top to toe your senses will awaken with the highest quality aromatic herbs and oils.

We begin with a warm herbal foot bath to help settle your nerves and guide you into your happy place. Next, your body treatment begins with a gentle exfoliant and warm detoxifying clay mask applied directly onto the lower, upper back and shoulders. While this mask delivers its antioxidant-rich benefits into your skin, you will enjoy an aromatherapy scalp massage followed by removal of the mask. Then come the hot stones. A full body hot stone massage which will penetrate deep into the muscles to relax stiffness and help rejuvenate cells by pushing out toxins.

All followed by a blissfully transformative, antioxidant-rich Kalahari facial treatment.

110 mins: 1.195 kr.





Ultimate Aromatherapy Experience.
After selecting a signature blend best adapted to your needs you will enjoy the full benefits of the highest quality essential oils. Our massage therapists will deliver an effective full body treatment combining both Eastern and Western massage styles.

A brief balancing of the Chakras is followed by a sequence of specific pressures applied throughout the back and neck. Physical tension will melt away with the help of deep Swedish and Neuromuscular techniques on key areas including shoulders, scalp and feet. Lymphatic drainage, acupressure  and Reflexology are incorporated into the massage to enhance the effects of this beautifully relaxing experience.

This treatment works the full body including face.

With a variety of Aromatic blends to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

90 mins: 995 kr.


Using a combination of a specially formulated gel and oil, this massage is perfect for aching, overworked bodies. Ginger, black pepper, Rosemary and Lavender are key ingredients that penetrate deep into the muscular tissue to help aid in pain relief and ease inflammation. Deep wringing, kneading and stretching techniques are incorporated into the massage to increase blood flow and loosen tension.

90 mins: 995 kr.


Using a combination of a specially formulated gel and oil, this massage is perfect for those with an emotionally demanding and stressful lifestyle. Wild chamomile Ginger, black pepper, Rosemary and Lavender are key ingredients which penetrate deep into the muscular tissue to aid in pain relief and ease inflammation. This treatment follows the same steps as the Ultimate Aromatherapy Experience with a unique blend designed to help you unwind, clear your mind and refocus.

Choose from 90 minutes or 120 minutes session, which includes an herbal footbath and a few extra special steps in the De-stress Mind ritual.

90 mins: 995 kr.
120 mins: 1.390 kr.


Mamma, this one’s for you!

An hour and a half of pure heaven. Paired with Renewing Rose Aromatherapy oil, it is the perfect combination to calm your senses and clear your mind while delivering the rich benefits of Renewing Rose. This multipurpose oil not only hydrates sensitive skin but also aids in reducing the appearance of stretch marks. The full body receives much deserved attention including extra focus on swollen feet and hands. We round off this massage with warm compresses and face massage ensuring that you will be left in the most tranquil state of mind.

60 mins: 695 kr
90 mins: 995 kr.


This 45 minute treatment is specially created for the parents of our Børneyoga kiddos.

After delivering your little Yogi to their thoroughly entertaining and mindful class, come and be mindful of your own well being during your much deserved pause. This treatment will work briefly on the full body with plenty of focus on the back, shoulders and neck. We combine this treatment with a de-stress aromatherapy oil blend to really help you slip away into pure relaxation.

45 mins: 595 kr.